howdy from austin TX


howdy ya’ll 😉 got into austin TX yesterday for a higher ed web conference that i am attending with my team from providence college. I’m looking forward to learning a ton and networking.. fun times :)
I have also been trying to get more into tweeting… so be sure to follow me @jennshurkus

Austin is a really fun city, and we have beautiful views from our hotel room, i cant help but keep snapping photos with my iphone 4s … and posting on instagram is my new addiciton, so be sure to follow me there too “jennshurkus” (surprise surprise!)

more soon!

IMG_0121  IMG_0122

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my visit in newfoundland and at the paperie!

I had all intentions to blog about my trip to canada right when i got home… but obviously that didn't happen… so why not a month after i went!? As you can see above by mister harley's ears… he was NOT happy to see the BIG suitcase come out… I was a bit nervous with my luggage since I had all kinds of weird items in there… compresed air, copic airbrush guns, lil baggies of "salt"… you get the picture! But i made it through customs fine, and my suitcase was only 2lbs overweight.. which i wasnt charged for *score*
Chris, one of the owners of the paperie picked me up at the airport… she knew to watch for the girl with flip flops on :) There were flurries earlier in the day, but as I landed… bright sunny day. 
The paperie is an adorable store… and the staff does a great job at making it feel welcoming!

IMG_1935After meghan and I got the tables set up for the Luminarte Tag class in the morning… she introduced me to the largest pina colada i have ever seen!!


Even though there was still snow on the ground, and it  was a bit chilly Meghan also wore flip flops during my classes in my honor… look how cute!!??

They served dasani.. and my fingers got all inky= perfection!!

IMG_1942I'm hoping that i will see these girls NEXT year at Crop on the Cape!!
Paperie group

My last night there meghan shared with me some of her favorite musicians… we made our own fun! (megan warren and jody richardson, Pathological lovers)
IMG_1945 IMG_1947

Sunday, before I flew out.. Chris took me around to show me a few sights
I only had my iphone for taking pics.. but pleased with some of the shots i got!

I had a fabulous time in canada and hope to visit AND teach at the paperie again! I loved the feedback i got from here, thank you for posting!!



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behind in blog posts… and life in general!

ok. march is by far the busiest month in my world.

with crop on the cape, classes at the store, off cape, trade shows etc etc march came and went without me even realizing it.. i was waaaaay to busy.
I have been sick for most of the month, congested (hope to get that figured out 2morrow)
and just go go go go.

catching up this weekend on some over due design team projects and posts… lots of fabulous ideas in my creative brain… just to get them on paper.

also, my friend christy has been given the title as “my mario” (mario does all the kitting for tim holtz) she has been helping me kit for upcoming classes, and i honestly don’t know what i would do without her!! thank you christy!! (she gets paid with stamp goodies :) and kitty snuggles from mister harley)


SDC26: use animals or insects on a card (over on the stampotique designers challenge blog)


this card reminds me of watcher 😉 in a good way… not a sad way….

even though this is what the weather is like right now in newfoundland… i am still *super* excited to be visiting the paperie NEXT WEEK!!!


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