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I have been inspired by many images lately of artists creating inside old books. I found myself pinning quite a few of them for inspiration later on. I finally decided instead of adding it to the many projects I want to do at some point to JUST DO IT! First let me share with you some of the inspiration that got my creative juices flowing….

Source: Everything In Life Is Scrapable


Source: A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk


Source: Inspirations Scrap


Source: Pamela Garrison

Source: Linkage

Source: Crazy Thing Called Life

So, I finally bit the bullet, and on my way home from work friday of Memorial Day weekend,  I stopped at Tim’s Used Books. This is a great used bookstore on main street in Hyannis, it’s actually right next door to where Colorful Creations used to be. Walking past the old storefront is a whole other story that I most likely won’t blog about- makes me sad. But, back to being crafty!! So I picked out a book, its small around 5×7 and my thought process with that is then I wouldn’t need to clean up my studio table too much before being able to dive in HA! It cost me $4 and as soon as I got home I dove right in. My “rules” which really aren’t rules is to JUST play! To use STUFF – i have tons of it, so I’m just grabbing scraps out of my scrap bin, and embellishments off of my Clip it Up. I have no plan, I just moved from page to page and created whatever I felt like. Here is a pic of my book, and come back tomorrow to see some of the interior pages!

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  1. redjanfan says

    love what you’ve done, I have had the same interest in kathielink.blogspot . You’ve done a great book of your own. Congrats. I must get working on mine again. I have saved several books from garage sale fates so I’d best get on it. Thanks for sharing your post. I’ve pinned you too.

  2. says

    Awesome inspiration photos! I look at this stuff and wish I were brave enough to try! I love books so much, it seems like a sacrilege … I can’t underline or take notes in them or anything. But I love, love, love the whole idea behind it. In a way, it’s like blessing a book through art, isn’t it? Trying to talk myself into it, obviously. ;o)

    Have you seen Junelle Jacobson’s work? She’s amazing.

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