In this class, we will explore the world of Distress and learn all about Distress mixed media techniques while creating a finished project that is perfect to hang in your crafty space. Spend the day with Cheiron Brandon learning how to create one of her favorite mixed media projects, her Distress Mixed Media Hearts Canvas, in her favorite rainbow palette (but you can use your favorite palette and other options will be shown). This class will take you through the process of creating this project from start to finish. Cheiron will share her design concept, show you how to plan your project and walk you through each and every step of the creative process so you will have a beautiful mixed-media canvas at the end of class. This class is a true mixed media experience and is perfect for beginners, experienced crafters, and seasoned ones; there is always something new to learn! 

All of the class videos will be available to watch in private YouTube videos. There is no need to have Facebook to participate!

The LIVE class will take place on Saturday, April 20th, 11a-6p ET with an hour break. If you can’t attend the class LIVE, you will have access to it afterward to watch whenever it works in your schedule!

Included in the class is access to the private class resource page; here, you will find:

  • class prep information
  • step-outs of the techniques you will be learning and for the project you will be creating
  • instructions
  • pictures of the project

Order Class Supplies:

Kits will not be shipped for this class, so there are some supplies you should have on hand. All of the supplies are linked below. Mostly, Cheiron wants you to use what you have and see what you like during class; then, you can always invest in more. All supplies are linked below. If you have any questions, you can email Cheiron.

Supply List:

Required Supplies

Optional Supplies

Choose one of the following color palettes (see swatches above), or create one of your own:

Rainbow Canvas Color Palette (swatches above)

You can create your project without Distress Embossing Glazes; however, they add additional texture.

Ocean Canvas (swatches above)

You can create your project without Distress Embossing Glazes; however, they add additional texture.

Neutral Canvas (swatches above)

You can create your project without Distress Embossing Glazes; however, they add additional texture.

Once you have registered for class

Once you have purchased this online class, you are able to access the class resource page by logging into your account at , choosing “classes & events,” and then choosing this class. The downloadable class supply list and class prep handout are on the class resource page. You will also find the details about the class LIVES hosted on private YouTube links. As the class gets closer, the handout will also be posted there.

We encourage you to join Jenn’s {creative chick} studio share Facebook group, which is a public group and open to any papercrafters. You can share posts in the group as you are preparing for class, what your crafty space looks like all setup, and your projects after class. If you have questions specifically about this class it is best to send me an email to Cheirons at

With the supplies you have gathered ahead of time, you will be able to watch the videos and create right along with Cheiron as she teaches. In order to be able to comment, ask questions, and interact with other students you will need an account with Google. You can also share your projects in the Facebook group or on social media. If you happen to miss the live broadcast, or if you want to rewatch it, it will be permanently saved on YouTube. You can also leave a comment on the YouTube video after class with questions, post in the Facebook group, or you can also email Cheiron questions.

FAQ about online classes can be seen here


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