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Q: What if I want to take the class with a friend, should we both register?
A: As many of us are starting to get together with friends again, to hang out and hopefully create together. I wanted to remind you that the policy for my online classes is that everyone who is taking the class should register for the class. It is not fair for a group of friends to get together under one registration. The class fee is very affordable and a lot of hours go into designing and hosting the classes, I hope you will understand and support me.

Q: How long will you have access to the class
A: Indefinitely (as long as Facebook & YouTube are around)

Q: I don’t have Facebook. How can I join the class?
A: All classes released prior to August 2022 require a Facebook account to watch. Online classes released from August 2022 and beyond are shared via private YouTube links. There are still private Facebook groups created for these classes that took place from Fall 2020-December 2022 so attendees can share their cards etc, but that is not required to be part of the class and to see the class content. Starting with classes in 2023 I will no longer be starting a private Facebook group for each class that I offer. Now that class videos are hosted on YouTube and all private information can be found here on the class resource page, I don’t feel there is much of a need. I also will contact class attendees with any important class updates or changes via email, so no one will miss anything. Now I encourage you to join my {creative chick} studio share Facebook group, which is a public group and open to any papercrafters. You can still share posts in the group as you are preparing for class, what your crafty space looks like all setup and your cards after class. If you have questions specifically about the class you can still ask them in this group, and tag me in the post by typing @jenn shurkus to tag me. OR you can send me an email at creative-chick@shurkus.com

Q: I don’t have all the supplies listed.
A: You can always substitute for similar items, or leave something out. Email Jenn if you have questions. Also at the time of a class launching quite often Scrappy Chic in MI offer kits, you can contact them for details.

Q: Your class is at 11 am Eastern time, but I live in England. What time will your class air?
A: Go to World Clock and personalize the clocks at the top with New York time and your local time.

Q: I took one online live class. Will your next class be available in the same Facebook group or at the same YouTube link?
A: No, each class will have its own unique Facebook group and own unique YouTube URLs. You must sign up for each class separately, this will grant you access to the class resource page with all the details.

Q: Where do I find the previously recorded class videos?
A: Log into your account: www.shurkus.com/my-account choose “classes & events” and choose the class you want to see, all details will be there on the resource page.

Q: Where do I find the LIVE class?
A: On the day of class, log into your account: www.shurkus.com/my-account choose “classes & events” and choose the class you want to see, all details including the private links to the YouTube LIVE will be there on the resource page. After class is over, you can watch the video again by using the same links.

Q: What payment options do you offer?
A: All major credit cards, Venmo and PayPal

Q: Can I have a refund for the class
A: Unfortunately, since you have already gained access to the class resource page, and were provided the website and password there are no refunds.

Q: I have technical problems!
A: Email Jenn and she will do her best to help. However, if she is in the middle of the LIVE she obviously will not be able to get back to you until after. Note that the classes will work well on your computer with a high-speed internet connection. They are not guaranteed to work on tablets, but we have tested them on our iPad and they worked well.

Q: In what language are the classes?
A: The classes are in English. There is no written transcript of the videos. However, people from all over the world have been taking Jenn’s online classes.

Q: When will the class handout be available?
A: All handouts are posted on the class resource page.

  • The downloadable supply list and class prep handout are available when registration opens for the class unless otherwise noted
  • The class handout with full images of the cards, coloring guides etc is available a few days before the LIVE class is hosted.

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  • Hi Jen, how mich time will you be spending on skin and hair? And colouring red and black? Are these covered in 101?
    Thank you!

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