I am wicked excited to be hosting an online class all about Copics and coloring with alcohol-based markers. In this online class, we are going to focus on our coloring techniques, tips, and tricks while working in a workbook that is shipped to you. We will not be creating completed cards or projects, instead, we will focus on learning and practicing as much as we can to improve our coloring! I will be sharing specifics about Copic Markers, and what I have learned coloring with them for 20 years. Most alcohol-based markers work similarly, but I won’t be able to answer specific questions about different brands of markers.

I will be hosting this online class LIVE, on May 6th from 11a-5p ET (with an hour break). The class cost is $80. This class will be virtual and hosted online LIVE in private YouTube videos, a workbook will be shipped to each attendee. You do not need to have a Facebook account to be able to attend, and you don’t need to attend the class during the scheduled time as you will have access to the replays.

update as of April 12th: Please note if you are an international customer purchasing this class there is no guarantee that it will arrive in time to attend the LIVE May 6th class. However, you will still have access to join me LIVE, and you can watch the replays and color along when your workbook arrives.

update as of April 29th: Please note if you customer in the US purchasing this class there is no guarantee that it will arrive in time to attend the LIVE May 6th class. However, you will still have access to join me LIVE, and you can watch the replays and color along when your workbook arrives.

Quick Event Details:

$80 price Includes:

  • 5 hours of instruction, and practice time
  • a workbook shipped to you
  • an extensive class handout that includes images, and lessons available for download
  • access to the digital files of the workbook pages so you can print extras and keep practicing

Supplies Needed

Since a workbook will be provided you won’t need specific stamps for this class. I will provide the specific Copic markers I will be using, however, I encourage you to use what you have during class and choose after class if you want to buy new colors. A supply list will be provided to attendees soon.

It is not required to have the same markers or marker colors as me. This is a learning class, not a class where we will be creating finished projects, so if I am coloring with pinks, you can be coloring with browns. However, if you are looking to purchase ANY of these supplies I provide a list of my favorite places to shop on my site here.

If you are going to shop online:

Blick Arthttps://shurk.us/shop-BlickArt
Simon Says Stamphttps://shurk.us/simonsaysstamp-store
I stock some of my favorite supplies here in my shop as well: https://shurkus.com/product-category/supplies

Find my other affiliate links here: https://shurkus.com/jennabler-alert


  • Due to the nature of this event, there are no refunds. Once you register and pay you are given access to the private class resource page so there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend the class LIVE you will be able to watch the replays.
  • The class resource page and class videos are exclusive to class attendees it goes without saying this should not be shared with others. I keep events and class fees affordable, I would hope you support me in not sharing this information. Thank you!

Note:  Your order will not be processed until your package has shipped. You can find your receipt within your account here on this site. www.shurkus.com/my-account once logged in, go to “orders”. You can also choose “my classes & events” to access the class resource page. If you need help simply email Jenn (creative-chick@shurkus.com)

FAQ about online classes can be seen here

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11 reviews for Copic 101: an introduction to coloring with alcohol-based markers

  1. Jane Laczak (verified owner)

    I am late for this review but here is the truth—- Jenn is the best teacher ever. I struggle with coloring and need to practice, practice, practice! Kudos to Jenn for this class and for your time and love of this craft. Much love and gratitude !

  2. Stacy (verified owner)

    Never having owned markers previously, I was soaking in all the information Jenn shared… she has so many great tips and advice. Would love to see what a part 2 could include as I will need a lot of practice to master the initial skills shared in this class. I feel I still have a lot to learn before I would attempt to make a card.

  3. Dor (verified owner)

    Not only was coloring the highlight of this class, but the detailed information about the Copic numbering system, changing the nibs, refilling the ink, color combinations for shading are a must before you can begin to color. What an education! I have some copic markers. Ordered more to standarize the color coding/shading matches as well as the Lawn Fawn stamp ink pads that are alcohol ink friendly. thank you so much Jenn! I look forward to your next class of any topic.

  4. Dee Huber (verified owner)

    The class was exactly as expected! The little workbook is different than what I pictured but still adorable and thoughtful. Jenn’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. I took this class live and played along but didn’t get to everything and know I can always pick it back up again with the replays.

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    OH MY WORD!!! I really hesitated taking this class. But boy am I glad I did, as I learned so much! Paper, how to properly read the Copic numbers, and why colors would not blend even when they look like they could/should. And changing the nibs for better control. Truly mind blowing. And the way Jenn teaches was just right. Great pace, clear, and answered questions along the way. I wish there were more stars to give! Thank you for helping me pull my markers off the shelf and truly use them properly! Coloring/blending/shading has been made fun again.

  6. Happy Joan (verified owner)

    I had the BEST time in this Copic 101 online class! Jenn covered any possible questions imaginable, and encouraged us to modify everything to our tastes and abilities. I’m a beginner, and it helped to watch her Copic video on YouTube that she did a while back, and wasn’t lost at all. The handout that she provided for download is beautiful, covers everything she teaches, and looks so good in the class binder I bought from her online store. I refer to the replayable class, the handout and enjoy coloring and practicing. I couldn’t be happier.

  7. Taisa Diedrich (verified owner)

    The class was pretty good. I felt there was way too much time spent in the beginning on the actual markers. I think that could have been cut way down. Which then caused the class to be super rushed towards the end. I couldn’t even keep up with what she was displaying. I am glad about the handout because that is nice to have some of the details from the class. I did enjoy learning the blending & shading techniques, as I don’t know how to do much with my Copics. So that part of the class was wonderful. Jenn clearly has a lot of experience and knowledge so if she were to offer a “102” class, I would take it.

  8. Betty Senkle (verified owner)

    Fun and informative! Learned a lot about my Copic! Now I just need to practice. Thanks Jenn!

  9. Helen Adcock (verified owner)

    Whether you’re new to coloring with copics or any alcohol markers, you will love Jenn’s class. She has tips and techniques for beginners to someone who has been doing this for years. I would highly recommend taking her class and see how she will help you expand your creativity.

  10. melissa b. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this class, even if you are new to coloring with copics. Jenn walked us through marker basics, copic-friendly supplies, and her favorite 2-colour blends. During the demos, she provided lots of tips and tricks. I love that we can print more workbook pages so we can continue to practice and try out different blends. You really only need a few markers to get started!

  11. Robin McAuley (verified owner)

    This was an awesome class! Jenn is a great instructor and has great explanations and detailed handouts. Even tho I have been jennabled to copic coloring a few years I learn more and feel more comfortable with my coloring every class!

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