Teacher: Nancy Hawes

Saturday, March 16, 2024 – 4:00p-6:00p

First, I’m thrilled to be teaching this class, I’ve been collecting and decorating seashells all of my life. Who knew it would become so popular in the crafting industry? I can’t wait to share this art with all of you. So please join Nancy and learn the details about how to pick and decorate shells. They make beautiful ornaments, wine charms, trinket dishes, salt bowls, etc. In this class, we will work with a variety of materials along with my special techniques for the best outcome for your shell art. We will create several showstoppers using paint, paper, bling, ink, clay, nail polish, and more. Please bring any shells you like to class and I will bring my collection along for you to pick from.

Student Supply List:

Nail files, a cheap pack is fine
Paint brushes – you will need a few, for paint and a few for the sealer
Craft mat
Optional: Plastic gloves and heat gun


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