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I think it is good to remind yourself of the simple things in life, that make you smile or make your day brighter. I wanted to document these for myself, and for project life etc. so I thought I would start a new series here on my blog and share them with you as well!

happiness is reflecting on the past year | shurkus.com


happiness is excitement for the weekend | shurkus.com


happiness is snuggles with mister harley | shurkus.com

happiness is tim holtz commenting on your instagram photo | shurkus.com

happiness is inspiring others | shurkus.com

happiness is happy mail | shurkus.com

happiness is making his day | shurkus.com

1. Reflecting on the past year. Hard to believe it was a year ago that I moved to the lofts. Overall I am so pleased with the past year and all the changes that have come :)
2. Getting excited for the weekend. Meeting new friends, reconnecting with old, and having something in common with my “roomie” :)
3. Snuggles with Mister Harley
4. Tim Holtz leaving a comment on your instagram photo. Hey! It’s exciting πŸ˜‰
5. Inspiring others to try something new
6. Happy mail from a friend who knows you SO well
7. Making his day

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  1. Sarah Thornington says

    What a great idea. Love this! It is the simple things… (& I could totally see how a comment by Tim Holtz would make your day!!! How cool is that?)

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