Operation Safe & Sound


I have a special post today.  Christy, one of my fellow Lawnscaping Challenges girls home was broken into and a lot of their things were either destroyed or taken. Some of us wanted to do something to help her and her family get back on their feet – read on for more details:

“What makes our community so remarkable is that we are there for each other even though we can’t physically be near our friends. These “people” violated her home, the place where we are supposed to feel the most safe, where we raise our children and where we sleep in peace. I can not even imagine what she is going thru or the loss she has endured.  Dealing with the police and insurance company has been and continues to be exhausting and frustrating for Christy and her family. She has been updating her Facebook page with some details.

Some of Christy’s friends have come together to help. We are of course making cards for her because that’s what we do, right? But ultimately, the expense of trying to get her family back on their feet will be somewhat of a strain. Imagine having to replace household items, necessities in our world all while trying to rebuild a sense of security that we all most times take for granted. 

So, we’re asking for your help. We’ve tried to make it convenient for you to help Christy and her family. There’s a PayPal button on each of our blogs. We are asking that if its your hearts desire, that you donate whatever you can to help Christy and her family regain a sense of safety and security.  NOTHING is too small. Every little bit will make all the difference. Our goal is to raise $1,000 to help cover the costs of food, lodging and replacing at least some of the items taken.

Thank you for even reading this post in its entirety.  

If you’re interested in seeing all of the cards, a full list of girls who are participating in the card drive  is available at the Lawnscaping Challenge blog & A Blog Named Hero

You can see the card I created for her here

If you are interested in donating, please see the donate link below and later today I will be posting a card for her- hoping to cheer her up a bit

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stampotique “guest” designer

i put the word "guest" in quotes, because i guess technically until feb 1st i am still a guest designer haha

if anyone were to ask me what my fave thing is to create with stampotique stamps.. it would have to be my artsy fartsy quote canvases…. 

i have had the goth girls and guys for a long time.. i just love them, but wasn't sure what to do with them. Then i started making these mini pieces of art with them.. they are perfect!!

the first one featured here is a new one i made the other day… the rest i have made over the past year… enjoy!


jenn shurkus |shurkus.com